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How To Not Succeed In Launching Your Startup: MoviePass

Never hit the red button!

Recently a new startup called MoviePass announced their initial plans and their goal of becoming Netflix, but for movie theaters. Here’s a super quick overview of the service: frequent theater attendees can pay a $50 subscription fee for unlimited movies, with a one flick per day caveat. Not too bad considering movies are about $10 a pop in major cities.

Well, it might be a great idea, but MoviePass made sure to spoil their own plans before even getting started. How so? They didn’t tell the theaters they would be running the service for that they were apart of the whole thing. That would be like Scoutmob doing a half-off deal for a restaurant, but not telling the restaurant that the deal is in place. Way to go MoviePass.

They have a great thing going for them, and I think the service is a good idea. They also have a really cool website that updates as people sign up, eventually rewarding users with free tickets. But for now the service is on hold because of their little…mistake.

Read the full story, and the press release, here at Engadget.